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M in the Demon Realm

An Asian adoptee working as a waitress in Manhattan gets a fast lesson in her family history when demons begin hunting in the city and she is the only one who can stop Hell on Earth.

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M in the Empire of the Dead

M leaves the keys to hell with warrior monks in China's Yellow Mountains. While searching for her family of origin,  and source of her demon-killing powers, citizens begin to disappear in Paris, the City of Light. Duty calls.

M and th Last Hell Gate

M and the Last Hell Gate

M now has an implacable foe, Baigujing, the Bone Goddess. The Queen of Hell wants to destroy everyone and everything  M loves, empty Hell into our world and, then sacrifice M on the High Plateau of Tibet.

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M - Hell Shock

M's power is now terrifying and some former allies believe she is a demon herself and should no longer walk the earth.


The battle continues...

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