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Author Mark William Hammond has always been a fan of supernatural and horror stories. What could be better than a story about a young Asian woman who knows nothing about her past or her destiny? Add a greedy fool with ancient keys who will open the Hell Gate. There is only one human being who can stop Hell on Earth. She's currently a waitress in NYC. What could go wrong?


The Santa Barbara International Screenplay Competition praises the screenplay version of the story: "Combining the superhero origin story with both epic fantasy and horror warrants the highest marks for originality. That it successfully combines elements from Eastern, Western and North American myths and stories only adds to its unique character."


Mark also won the Millennium Book Award in the UK for his apocalyptic sci-fi comedy, The Flaming Cats of Sohan. He is the recipient of an Emmy for Directing. His award winning short horror script "Chocolate Cake" was released in 2022. The retro comedy short "Bag-A-Buck" has won Best Comedy Short in film festivals in Paris, Vienna and India


Live your Dream. The World is Waiting! 

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